Flowers and Ikebana

Fancy Lines Using Flowers and Leaves

I always enjoy making fancy lines whenever I have the chance with my Ikebana. These are either straight or curve lines created using flowers and leaves. I call them fancy because they make the whole arrangement eye-catching. It somehow guides its audience at the same time, tickles their imagination to create shapes and figures in their minds.


Fancy Lines in Ikebana Arrangements 

Last Tuesday while my students are practicing their reversed Upright Moribana arrangement, I made a small sample Ikebana for our leaf manipulation exercise. This is one of the techniques that I like because it allows me to be playful and creative. I made ribbon-like curves using the long leaves of Flax; Aspidistra; and Dracena. To add some contrast and point of interest, I placed a single Gerbera a little above the leaves.


fancy lines
Fancy Lines Using Leaves


Still with fancy lines in mind, I made another arrangement the moment I returned home that afternoon. This time, I used only flowers as my materials. I highlighted the Forsythia with pretty curvy stem and complement it with orange Gerbera flowers. I also added some yellow Peruvian Lilies at the bottom for balance and continuity.


Creating Curves with Forsythia, Gerbera, and Peruvian Lilies



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