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Family-Friendly Places Worth-Visiting in Edogawa

Family-friendly places especially for those with young children can be a challenge when in Tokyo. Just a few minutes away from central Tokyo is the city of Edogawa, the easternmost ward at the bounds of Urayasu and Ichikawa in Chiba Prefecture.


Edogawa is known to many because of its proximity to Tokyo Disneyland and the crazy influx of people riding Tozai Line during rush hours in the morning and evening. However, if you are looking for family-friendly places to visit without breaking your budget, the city has a lot to offer. Here are some recommended places to visit which both parents and kids could enjoy.  Please note however that I am limiting the area to Kasai district where I am very familiar with.


Family-Friendly Places for Day Trip in Tokyo


Gyosen Park

About 10-15 minutes on foot from Nishi-Kasai station, I consider this park as the top of family-friendly places to see in Edogawa my list because it can be a haven for children and a relaxing place for adults. The park is free for all to visit and enjoy.


family-friendly places in edogawa
The Japanese Garden at Gyosen Park


Kids can enjoy sliding and climbing on the mountain-like rock slide. In summer, they can also swimming in the park’s water fountain while parents can relax under the sakura trees.


Just a few steps away from the playground is a natural zoo that houses a good number of imported and domesticated animals. The zoo has also a petting center where children can interact with farm animals such as goats, sheep, rabbits, chicken, and hamsters. The zoo is open everyday from 10:00 am until 4:30 pm except Mondays.


Feeding the animals at Gyosen Park’s Natural Zoo


The park has also a Japanese garden with a huge pond and a tea house. The tea house can be rented for events and special occasion at reasonable price.


Irises in bloom at Gyosen Park’s Japanese Garden


In front of the tea house are two big ponds for those who enjoy fishing.  To know more about Gyosen Park, please visit: https://www.edogawa-kankyozaidan.jp/zoo/218/.


Tokyo Metro Subway Museum


Tokyo’s first subway trains


Tokyo is known for its comprehensive yet user-friendly train systems. Hence, a visit to its Metro Subway Museum is a good way to learn more about it. Located just outside Kasai Station, the museum is fun place for both kids and adults. Inside, kids can try driving a subway train through two-types of simulators; watch the miniature subway trains on the move; and have fun learning the different parts of the train engine. On the other hand, the museum also offers technical and historical information about the Tokyo subway system for adult train enthusiasts.


Learn how to drive a subway train


Understanding train engines at the Subway Museum


Entrance fee to the museum is JPY210  (adults) and JPY100 (from 4 years old – junior high school).  For more information about the museum and its events, please visit: http://www.chikahaku.jp/en/.


Fuji and Nagisa Parks

Another family-friendly place that is somehow under the radar is Fuji Park close to Kasai Station. This western-style park can be best enjoyed in spring and autumn especially when it is rose season. The main area of the park its flower garden which is home to more than 100 species of roses.


The Rose Garden at Edogawa’s Fuji Park


The garden is also adorned with several water fountains where children can swim and play during hot sunny days.


Kids and kids-at-heart enjoying the water fountains at the Rose Garden


On fine weather, families and group of friends can enjoy having picnics and barbecue parties at the park’s barbecue areas. Children can also enjoy its playground equipped with slides, swings, and see-saws.


Little feet climbing and running around Fuji Park’s playground


Travel to different areas of Fuji Park on wheels


A little further is Nagisa Park that offers a meadow-like view overlooking Edogawa River and Disneyland. A section of the park is a scented garden because of the different herbs and medicinal plants growing and from time to time blooming. During summer season, chidlren can ride ponies at the park.


Nagisa Park overlooking Edogawa River


For more information about the parks, please visit: https://www.city.edogawa.tokyo.jp/shisetsuguide/bunya/koendobutsuen/c_recreation/index.html.


Kasai Rinkai Park


The Diamond and Flowers Ferris Wheel of Kasai Rinkai Park


This maybe the most popular or at least known place in Edogawa because of its Tokyo Sea Life Aquarium. However there are a lot of other things to see and enjoy when visiting this park. It also offers a great view of Tokyo cityscape and on clear weather, Mt. Fuji. In spring, the park is filled with families and friends doing picnics especially under the array of Sakura trees. In summer, small tents can be found scattered at the park’s huge grass field and coast. 


Enjoying the sun, grass, and cool wind at Kasai Rinkai Park


To see how the park looks all-year round, please click here.

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