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Exciting Ikspiari Experience

Iskpiari is a mall right outside Tokyo Disneyland. Most of the time, I only pass by there when I get off the Disney Train on my way to Maihama Station. Two weeks ago, I was able to get a full Ikspiari experience! My friend Julia was in town for a week-long vacation with her husband. They used to live here in Nishi-Kasai for almost a decade before they decided to go back to Lithuania three years ago. Coming back, she was so excited to see the places and reminisce her Tokyo days.

Back then, me and Julia would explore the city trying to discover its hidden treasures. And just like the old days, we were able to spend a day of enjoyment. Because I have classes in the late afternoon, we decided to go somewhere near so that I can easily go back on time for my classes. We chose to go Ikspiari which is less than 30 minutes away from home. From our place, we went to Kasai Rinkai Park by bike. From there, we took the Keiyo Line to Maihama, next stop after Kasai Rinkaikoen Station. We could have biked our way until Disney but because we do not have the luxury of time, we left our bikes at the park.

The moment we got off, it felt like we stepped into another world. I always have this feeling every time I visit Disneyland. The smiles on people’s faces brighten the gloomy day. The whole place was decorated for Christmas, which made it more special.

Tokyo Disneyland
People Going to the Happiest Place on Earth on a Rainy Day


Disney Train
The Disney Train Brightens the Gloomy Day

According to its website, the concept of Ikspiari is to provide people with “story and a city full of entertainment”. Divided into different zones, each has its own story to tell. I like the Museum Lane which was designed like a small trading village in Southern Europe while the second floor corridor reminds the people of backstage dressing rooms in Hollywood.

Ikspiari Facade
Ikspiari’s Facade Made Me Feel I Wend Back to Ancient Greece


Ikspiari Scene
On Our Way to Museum Lane


Ikspiari Scenes
Loving the Seaside Village Ambiance of Museum Lane


Ikspiari Scene
Christmas Decorations Inside Ikspiari


Ikspiari Scene
Disney Princesses for the Christmas Tree


Ikspiari Scene
The Big Windows Give the People A Feeling of Walking at Hollywood’s Backstages


Ikspiari Scene
Walking Along The Corridors of the Cinema Complex


Inside Rainforest Cafe


White and Gold Christmas at Ikspiari’s Pond




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