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Enjoying the Island Vibe in Enoshima

Before we finally said good bye to our long Silver Week vacation, my husband and I decided to go to Enoshima. It is an island near Kamakura. From Tokyo station, it took us about an hour to go there via Yokosuka Line. We first made a quick stop in Kamakura to visit the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, Kamakura’s most important shrine as it was founded by the first shogun of the Kamakura government. From Kamakura station, we walked along Komachi-dori shopping street. This shopping street is very fascinating because of its different craft stores.

Kamakura dolls
Handmade Doll Store along Komachi-dori Shopping Street in Kamakura


As we reached the shrine, it felt nostalgic to see the same old red tori-i (gate) that welcomes the guests. My first and last visit to this place was 5 years ago. A lot of changes happened but the tori-i and the bridge behind it were still the same.

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu
The Sacred Bridge in front of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu in Kamakura


We were fortunate that there was not much visitors when we were there. We were able to look around without the hassle of queuing or bumping to someone else. We first went to the main shrine then walked around to see the lily ponds and gardens.

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu
The main shrine of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu


Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Lily Pond
Fascinating Lily Pond inside Tsurugaoka Hachimangu


On our way back to Kamakura station, we first queued in line to buy one of Kamakura’s delicacies: sausages! There was a small corner shop near the shrine selling freshly-grilled sausages to go. The queue was quite long, but we believe that here in Japan if local people are patiently queuing in front of a food stall or restaurant that means their food is great. And we were not wrong! The sausages were awesome!

Kamakura Sausage
The delicious Kamakura Sausages!


Riding the Enoden going to Enoshima was also a good experience. We were able to see beautiful houses and gardens along the way as well as the beach. From Enoshima station we needed to walk a little further to the island. But the moment we got out of the station, we already felt the island vibe. Along the road leading to island were shops selling island souvenirs made of shells, floral clothes, rubber slippers, etc. We were also able to get a view of Mt. Fuji even though it was cloudy that day.

Enoshima Island
Enoshima Island: View from Enoden Train


Fresh fruit cocktails
Fresh Grapefruit Juice


As we enter the island, more shops welcomed us until we reached the entrance of the Enoshima Shrine. We availed the One-day Enoshima Smart Pass which we bought at the ticket counter beside the entrance of the shrine. This gave us access to the escalators within the island and free entrance to the major sights except the Iwaya Caves.

Enoshima Island secene
Various Shops and Restaurants Welcome the Visitors of Enoshima Island


Enoshima Octopus Snack
People Queuing for the Island7s Famous Octopus Snack


seashells in Enoshima
Souvenirs from Enoshima Island


Escalators in Enoshima
Our Escalator Ride


Enoshima Shrine
Inside Enoshima Shrine


Viewing Deck
Enoshima Viewing Deck: A Great View of the Sea and Kamakura


Enoshima Lighthouse Observation Tower
Enoshima Lighthouse Observation Tower from the Viewing Deck


Samuel Cocking Garden
Ruins of the Original Building inside Samuel Cocking Garden


Enoshima Lighthouse Observation Tower
Amazing View from the Enoshima Lighthouse Observation Tower


Enoshima Daishi
Statues Welcome the Guests of Enoshima Daishi



 Turtle Stone
The Sacred Turtle Stone

We were also fortunate that were able to see some Hawaiian performances while we wait in line going to the Lighthouse Observation Tower.

Enoshima Fest
Ladies Practicing their Routine inside Samuel Cocking Garden


Enoshima Fest
Enjoying the Hawaiian Performances in Enoshima

For our lunch, we had a crab burger from Il Chianti with a great view of the sea.

Crab Burger
The Must-Try Crab Burger

And to rest of tired feet from the day’s exploration, we made a quick stop at Enoshima beach before we went back to the station. Going home, we took the Shonan Monorail until Ofuna. I was so happy because I was finally able to get a good shot of the great Kannon.

Enoshima Beach
Enjoying the Cool Water of Enoshima Beach


Ofuna Kannon
View of the Great Ofuna Kannon from the Station Deck


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