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Enjoying the Early Spring in Japan

Spring is one of the much awaited season here in Japan especially with the blooming of cherry blossoms or sakura. It is also the season when people, young and old, enjoy having picnics under the sakura trees or just stay outside to admire the beauty of the parks and streets adorned with different flowers.

Despite the heavy winds last Sunday, my friend and I tried to also enjoy the beauty of early spring. First we went to Meguro to see the Ikebana exhibition in Meguro Gajoen beside Arco Tower. Although the facade of the place is very modern, the interior were very old-styled Japanese. The walls were painted or carved with traditional Japanese symbols. Walking along the hallway was also admirable because of the big geisha wood sculptures mounted on the walls.

A huge Ikebana arrangement from Sogetsu School welcomes the guests in Meguro Gajoen
The Geisha Walls inside Meguro Gajoen
A grand tori inside Meguro Gajoen
Entrance to the toilets

After that we walked towards the bridge to enjoy the sakuras.

Admiring the white sakuras along Meguro river
Meguro in spring

Before going home, we made a brief stop in Iidabashi. The place is known to be an old geisha town in Tokyo and now considered as a French town because of the french restaurants that proliferated in the area.

A scenic view at Canal Cafe, Iidabashi
Cobble stones placed on the streets of Iidabashi
Small shops around Iidabashi selling traditional ceramics and other things

And earlier after our Ikebana class, we made a short bike ride around Nishi-Kasai to enjoy the beautiful Shinsui Park and the warmth of the sun.

Enjoying the sakuras in Shinsui Park
Shinsui Park in spring
Beautiful blooms adorning Shinsui Park

Next week my friends from Manila will visit me here in Tokyo. And as early as now, I am already excited to do more Sakura exploration with them.



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