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Edogawa 2019 Hanabi : Bolder and Larger

The Edogawa 2019 Hanabi was a sight I am glad I did not miss. Every year, my husband and I make sure that we go to this event for some fireworks displays. And so far it never ceases to amaze us.

Hanabi Festivals in Tokyo

Hanabi or fireworks viewing is a must-try when you visit Tokyo between mid-July until August. Several places within the metropolis hold their annual fireworks displays for locals and foreign visitors to enjoy. If you plan to do such next year, be sure to check GoTokyo for the schedule. I also listed a few tips to help you prepare for your next summer trip in Japan.

The Edogawa 2019 Hanabi

The Edogawa Hanabi is one of the major fireworks festival not only in Tokyo but in Kanto region. Every year, millions of locals and increasing number of foreigners fill the riverbanks of Shinozaki to see the display.

Edogawa 2019 Hanabi
Excited crowd waiting for the Edogawa 2019 Hanabi to start

There are food carts selling festival food like takoyaki, yakisoba, chocolate-covered fruits, chilled cucumbers on stick, and shaved ice cones. As early as lunchtime, groups of people already sitting on their mats having picnic.

Compared to previous years, the Edogawa Hanabi displayed bigger and more colorful fireworks this year. I especially like the multi-layered fireworks in different hues.

2019 Edogawa Hanabi
Colorful fireworks at the start of the event.

Fireworks viewing in Tokyo
Classic display but double the size

Two-toned firework display.

One of the new displays for this year.

Another new display this year comes with a stem.

This one was crowd pleaser.

Edogawa 2019 Hanabi
The start was grand but the end was grander.

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