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Autumn Arrangements: Leaves, Fruits, Stems

Autumn is officially here! Still a bit humid but relatively better than summer weather. As the temperature starts to drop down little by little, the leaves also start to change its colors. I am excited to see red Momijis (Japanese maple) and bright yellow Ginko leaves very soon! At the moment most leaves are still dark green. But compared to other seasons, leaves; stems; and berry plants are abundant in the flower shops. These fresh materials are sometimes difficult to find in Japan. And because of this, they are a little more expensive than flowers in terms of cost. But for now, the leaves from my garden are safe from being cut. 🙂 I hope they will grow more by the time when leaves are expensive and rare again because of winter season.


Autumn Arrangements Using Leaves, Fruits, and Stems

This week, we received a couple of Dracena leaves and Willow stems to work with. For my first arrangement, I enjoyed playing with Dracena leaves by creating repeated shapes. I highlighted the leaves as my main material and then added some flowers as accents. I used light purple Gentian, white Lisianthus, orange Rose, a little Dancing Lady orchid, and some Sanguisorba.


Playing with Dracena Leaves


And for my second arrangement, I tried to create curve lines using Willow stems and light green Asclepias balloons. I also like using Willow stems in my arrangements because of its malleability. It was my first time to use some Asclepias balloons. They were quite cheap when I saw them from the corner flower shop yesterday. I learned that these fruit-like balls are actually seed pods. The balloons were a great contrast to the fine lines of the stems. I also places some light purple Gentian as accent.


Creating Curves Using Willow Stems and Asclepias Balloons



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