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Dusseldorf: Strolling and Reconnecting in the City

The moment we have confirmed our trip to Germany, I emailed my friend in Dusseldorf. She was a high school classmate and a good friend. We have known each other since our first year as high schoolers. Meeting outside the Philippines after a long time brought us both to the roof of excitement.

Meeting Friends in Dusseldorf

It was my first time to visit Dusseldorf beyond the compounds of its airport. Every time we visit Germany, Dusseldorf Airport is our end destination because it is just a little over an hour from Hamm where my in-laws are. With my friend and her family living there, my reason to visit became stronger.

A Paparazzi welcome at Dusseldorf Station

A quiet Saturday morning at Dusseldorf

We have agreed to meet near Little Tokyo (also known as Japan town) which is a few blocks outside the central station the Saturday before we return back to Tokyo. She and her husband love Japanese food. Hence, we searched for a ramen restaurant to have our lunch.

Waiting for our seats at Takumi Ramen Restaurant

Izakaya ambiance inside Takumi Restaurant

Catching up with friends over ramen

It felt weird at first when I ordered in Japanese. But later on, it felt like we are the ones welcoming them instead. Plus, the server was happy to speak to us although my Japanese is very simple.

Walking around Japan Town

The Weekend Party Place

After our hearty lunch, our friends guided us as we explore the city. Our feet brought us to the beautiful Königsallee which noted for its scenery and fashion shops.

Dusseldorf as the center of fashion in NRW

Königsallee is globally known for its high end fashion shops

The Tritonenbrunnen Fountain

Enjoying the shade at Königsallee

Beautiful architecture at Königsallee

The Administrative Court Building

And then we headed down to the Rhine River. As we reached the river, the scenery changed from a sleepy Saturday afternoon to early weekend party. Along the river are pubs and restaurants filled with local and tourists enjoying a beer or two. Despite the high sun, some were already cherry-colored.

Rhine Tower view from the Port

Party Cruise boats at the Rhine

A little further at Burgplatz near Schlossturm are guys and gals in groups waiting for their cruise or searching for a bar. Some even have the same dress, hats, or leis. When I asked my husband about it, he said that these are bachelor and bachelorette party groups. Most of them visited the city just for this event.

A Bachelorette group waiting for their cruise

Pink Limo for the Bride-to-be and her friends

Sometimes you meet them at stop lights

With a few hours still to spare before our in-laws pick us up, we searched for a restaurant for some refreshments. And since we are in Dusseldorf, we tried the altbier which is from this area.

Capping our stroll with altbier

Medals for producing good old altbier

Our time was short yet a sweet chance to catch up with friends and to see some good places of the city. Surely, it will not be our first and last. And to our friends Rochelle and Marcus, thank you for touring us around. Congratulations on the new baby and see you again soon!

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