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Creativity Ikebana : Summer Workshop with Kids

This summer I conducted a creativity Ikebana workshop for two children. They are the sons of my Certificate Class student in Minami-Azabu. At first it was planned only as one-time lesson. But because the kids enjoyed the session, they requested to have another lesson.

What is Creativity Ikebana?

Creativity Ikebana does not exist as an official term. I came up with the term to highlight the purpose of the workshop. It means focusing on the application of creativity exercises with an Ikebana arrangement as the output. I remember when I first taught Ikebana to our SAI KIDS DREAM Hub learners. It was a struggle for me to share introduce a basic Moribana arrangement without using technical terms. Same way for the students. They found it difficult to understand and appreciate the activity because of the new words they heard.

Creating Shapes and Color Appreciation

For this kids summer workshop, I designed several creativity exercises for the children to appreciate shapes and colors rather than explaining directly the principles of Ikebana. The workshop also aimed to help them have a new perspective to daily objects that they find at home or at school.

During the first part of the workshop, they enjoyed creating curves and shapes through leaf manipulation.

Leaf Manipulation Exercise using New Zealand Flax and Dracena Leaves

Using the techniques they learned from the first session, the boys created another Ikebana arrangement on the second session focusing on shapes. But instead of leaves, they used unconventional materials such as straws, wires, and sticks.

Aside from unconventional materials, they also created Morimono arrangements using fruits and vegetables in season. The boys had fun finding a place for Edamame beans in their arrangements. They also took their time balancing the lettuce, lemons, carrots, and sweet potatoes to create colorful Morimono arrangements.

Creative Ikebana Workshop
Creativity Ikebana using Fresh Produce and Unconventional Materials

Overall, the workshop was fun and effortless not only for the kids but for me as well. To know more about my upcoming workshop, please visit :the Events and Workshop page of this website.

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