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Creating Green Space in Our Balcony

Back in Manila despite my efforts to grow a small plant, I always ended up wondering why I cannot do it. My cousins would tease me that my hands are better with cut flowers rather than those with roots. And so after several years of trying to create my dream herb garden, I have slowly accepted my fate that we are not meant to be.

Moving here in Tokyo shed me some hope that somehow I can still have my herb garden. Seeing how Japanese people were able to create beautiful gardens with very limited space, I got inspired to start gardening in our balcony.

I did some reading about urban gardening; planting herbs and other plants in containers and pots; types of plants that adopt to our environment; and how to care for the plants. I am fortunate that there were several stores and home depot where I can buy plants as well as 100-yen stores where I can cheaply purchase the tools I need.

About two springs ago, I was patiently waiting for the season to start so that I can begin with my gardening project. I bought some sweet basils, parsley, and rosemary as a starter.

My small garden during its first few months
Trying vertical gardening using nets for my herbs

Along the way, some of my plants withered; most seeds did not sprout; and some cuttings dried out. I felt sad in the beginning but I read in a gardening guide that I should not be scared to throw some unsuccessful plants because it is just normal. Hence, I continued planting, repotting, and expereminting. Aside from herbs, I also planted some flowering plants.

Last month, I added a small container pond to give some balance and harmony in my garden. I also added a few small Japanese rice fishes or medaka to make it more lively. And just a few days ago, I noticed that there were five baby fishes more!!

My current garden from our living room side
A small container pond with Japanese rice fishes
My current herb garden

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