Flowers and Ikebana

Creating a Happy Place through Ikebana

They say that Ikebana is slowly dying in Japan since most of the younger Japanese ladies do not have time or interest to learn about it. But I also notice that a lot of people outside Japan are increasing. This means that although it might be gone soon in the country where it originated, Ikebana will continue to strengthen and expand globally.

However, it also puzzles me where to draw the line between Ikebana vis-a-vis contemporary floral arrangements (I call it more as western style); and Ikebana vis-a-vis modern art.

Having this in mind, I have decided to go back to the basics of Ikebana while doing my arrangement for today’s class. As a disciplined art, it gives emphasis on harmonizing flower, leaves, and stems thus, giving life to the flower arrangement.

As I started with my arrangement, I thought of a place where people can find peace and vibrancy. I thought of a pond wherein people can relax, feel energized, and enjoy the beauty of nature. I also used colorful gerberas, carnations, and day lilies to celebrate spring season. I also added a small red anthurium which I cut from my garden in our balcony.

Through this arrangement, I want people to be reminded of a happy place like the pond; appreciate life; and find peace.

My spring arrangement using dark pink and light orange gerberas, white and light orange carnations, white day lilies, and a red mini anthurium

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