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Climate Change in Ikebana

Climate change has been and still a major concern not only for the governments but most especially the communities. Every now and then, we saw the damaging effects it brought all over the world. Various efforts from different institutions especially the national and local governments have been undertaken. However, there is still a lot to be done in order to somehow lessen the alarming effects of climate change.

For the past few months, Tokyo has been experiencing the effects of the changing climate. Winter is quite warm compared to the usual temperature from previous years. Temperature rise and fall dramatically. And the weather felt very random. There was a day wherein the weather was warm, then heavy rain the following day. There was a day with very strong wind too.

For this week’s Ikebana, I used climate change as my inspiration for my arrangement. I guess my years working in this field has somehow influence my brain during that time. This is my way of telling the people about the changing climate.



Climate Change as Interpreted in an Ikebana Arrangement

Using Japanese cedar flowers; broom stems; and tulips, I created an Ikebana arrangement that describes Tokyo’s changing climate. The broom stems represent the strong wind that we have from time to time. It has small white flowers which symbolize the light snow we had in between warm temperature a few weeks ago. The flowers of the Japanese cedar, on other hand, represent the cold winter days we have especially this week. And the tulips remind me of the warm spring weather which we have from time to time.  It is my hope to share to other people about this alarming issue. As people look into this arrangement, may they also be aware and/or reminded about the changing climate and our responsibility to do something to help.

climate change in ikebana
Climate Change in Tokyo Interpreted in an ikebana Arrangement


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