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2015 Christmas Illumination Displays in Tokyo

Christmas illuminations especially around Tokyo is one of the highlights of the year here in Japan. Every year, spectacular illumination shows and displays in major points of the metro attract hundred of thousands locals and tourists. And every year, each bring awe and happiness not only for children but for adults as well.

While Christmas is not really well celebrated here, the illuminations has somehow ease our homesickness especially during the holidays. Every year, my husband and I would find some time to visit Tokyo’s major illumination sites. For this year, we tried to see those we have not visited a few years back

1. Roppongi Hills Christmas Illuminations

On our search for a nativity, our feet lead us to Roppongi Hills’ Christmas Market. It is not much but it was a good reminder of the days when we visited Christmas markets in Germany. In front is a tiny shop that sells German wooden crafts like the nutcracker, Christmas pyramids, ornaments, and toys. We found a few nativities but aside from being too expensive, they did not feel right.

Tokyo Christmas 2015
Roppongi Hill’s Crystal Christmas Tree beside the Infamous Spider


2015 Tokyo Christmas Market
Christmas Market in Roppongi Hills


2015 Christmas in Roppongi Hills
Illumination Display in front of the Shops in Roppongi Hills


2. Tokyo Midtown’s Midtown Christmas

Since it we were already in the area, we decided to walk a few meters more going to Tokyo Midtown. With their theme “Midtown Christmas,” several illumination areas were designated and designed for people to enjoy. There was even a guide map to help both local and foreign visitors to have a full great experience. My husband and I were lucky to find a good spot to watch the first illumination show at the Starlight Garden.

Tokyo Midtown Christmas
Tokyo Midtown’s Welcome Clock: The Start of the Christmas Journey


2015 Tokyo Midtown Christmas
Trees Lighted On Our Way to Starlight Garden


2015 Tokyo Midtown Illumination
Tokyo Midtown’s Starlight Garden


2015 Tokyo Midtown Christmas Market
The Christmas Market inside Tokyo Midtown

Here is a short video of the Starlight Garden Illumination Show.

3. Odaiba

Illuminations in Odaiba were more modern. Aside from the different Christmas lights, digital displays on different buildings were also fascinating. Inside Venus Fort, they had a 3D projection mapping show on top of the water fountain which lasted for 30 minutes.

2015 Venus Fort Christmas
Christmas Tree inside Venus Fort


2015 Venus Fort Christmas
The 2015 Venus Starium 3D Projection Mapping Show


2015 Venus Fort Christmas
Christmas Market inside Venus Fort


Outside Diver City, the trees were illuminated for people to enjoy at night.

2015 Odaiba Christmas
Illuminated Trees Outside Diver City


2015 Odaiba Christmas
Gundam Feeling Festive on Christmas


2015 Odaiba Christmas
Christmas Illumination at the Decks, Odaiba

And in front of the Decks shopping mall is the dazzling “Daiba Memorial Tree.” We were lucky that we were just in time for the special fireworks display.

Tokyo Christmas 2015_Fuji TV
Fuji TV’s Christmas Tree Using Lights from the Windows


Illumination in Tokyo
The Daiba Memorial Tree Lighted for Christmas. Behind are the Illuminated Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.


Here is a short video of the fireworks display.

4. Tokyo Station Christmas Illumination

For a limited period, the facade of Tokyo Central Station is lighted for Christmas. The illumination starts on 24 December and ends on 27 December. Hence, my husband and I tried to join the big crowd the day after Christmas to see this year’s illumination display.

Tokyo Station Christmas
2015 Christmas Illumination in front of Tokyo Central Station

5. Marunouchi Nakadori Illumination

Just a few meters away from Tokyo Central Station is the infamous Marunouchi Nakadori. The whole street was decorated with bright festive lights. There were also some mobile shops that sell Glühwein, sausages, hot coffee, and beer.


Tokyo Illumination_marunouchi
Thousands of People Admiring Marunouchi’s Nakadori


Tokyo Illumination_marunochi nakadori
Mini Christmas Market at Marunouchi Nakadori


Tokyo Christmas
Small Garden Illumination Near Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum








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