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Flowers and Ikebana

Celebrating Year of the Rooster with Ikebana

This year is the Year of the Rooster based on the Chinese Zodiac.  Year of the Bird according to the Tibetan Sixty Year Cycle. For someone who is under the rooster, this year is a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Excited because it is my year.  At the same time, I am little scared because they say that this year is not good for those who are under this animal. Let’s see how this year will be for me 🙂

Year of the Rooster Ikebana arrangement.

Ikebana for the Year of the Rooster

To divert this anxiety or at least distract my mind from fearing the unknown, I decided to welcome the new lunar year with some happy thoughts. Last Tuesday, I created an Ikebana using the occasion as an inspiration. However instead of focusing on the rooster in my design, I highlighted another bird: the peacock. During the Ming Dynasty, the peacock was an important symbol for divinity, rank, power, and beauty. It also resembles protection and holiness as it is believed that this bird is associated with the goddess Guan Yin, also known as the Goddess of Mercy.

For this arrangement, the main focus is the design of the vase. It is a blue ceramic vase with a peacock and some flowers. This type of vase is very popular during the Ming Dynasty. I used pink Carnations and yellow Dankoubai (a variety of plum tree) to complement the dark blue color of the vase. The small yellow flowers also resemble the fireworks which is a must during this occasion.  For my green, I placed two Narcissus leaves that act as ribbons.


rooster ikebana arrangement

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