Flowers and Ikebana

Celebrating Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day. People from allover the world give pride to women and their critical role in our society. To celebrate this day, I made two Ikebana arrangements that would somehow describe today’s ladies.


Women from Different Perspectives

Men always complain about the difficulty of defining women. Oftentimes women are being compared to the weather – sometimes warm, sometimes cold, always unpredictable. But I think this is what makes us more interesting. I admire the ladies who show elegance yet fierce when it comes to creating balance between family, work, and self. I respect those who are gentle yet strong when adversities come in. I get inspired to those who strive and work hard to achieve their dreams but still have time to relax and unwind.

For my first Ikebana, I made an arrangement that reflects the different roles that women play every day. I created an Ikebana that can be viewed from more than two sides, each showcases a unique beauty. I used Ruscus leaves, dark pink Gerbera, yellow Carnations, buds of Day Lilies. and red Hiperikum. Gerberas in general convey innocence, gentleness, modesty, and purity. While dark pink color represents passion, playfulness, and love of life.

women 1
Ikebana from Different Perspectives: Side View


women 2
Ikebana from Different Perspectives: Top View


My second arrangement reflects the harmony of contrasts using the characteristics of the materials.This arrangement gets inspiration from the contrasting characters of a woman yet for some reason they blend well together. I also reshaped the leaves to create curiosity and interest from the audience. I shaped the Monstera leaves into squares to define straight lines and shapes. I used Aspidistra leaves formed into twirls to add some contrast against the straight lines.  The dark pink Gerberas and the light yellow Carnation were used to complement the green leaves. The light yellow Carnation was also used to balance the colors of the whole arrangement.

women 3
Harmony of Contrasts

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