Flowers and Ikebana

Marine Day Celebration

Last weekend was long weekend here in Japan because the third Monday of July is Marine Day. This is a national holiday to give thanks to the ocean for its bounty resources. It is also Japan’s way to promote the importance of ocean to the country and its people. And because it is in summer, a lot of people go to the beach or do water-related activities. Me and my husband had our own way pf celebrating this long weekend. Together with our friends, we went to Umihotaru. To read about our trip, please click here.

Umihotaru 3
Enjoying Godzilla at Umihotaru

As  for my Ikebana this week, I made an arrangement honoring Marine Day.


Celebrating Marine Day 

During my special class in the afternoon, I made an arrangement focusing on water and the colors of the ocean. Water is considered as one of the main elements when doing Ikebana. Aside from giving back the life of cut flowers and plants, it also brings balance and serenity to the whole arrangement. For my arrangement, I used the colors of the ocean particularly blue and green. For the blue color, I used dark blue Gentian flowers. As for the green, I kept some of the Gentian leaves and added a few Lilyturfs. I arranged the flowers in a wavy lines to mimic the ocean waves. The long slender leaves, on the other hand, mimics the seaweeds.

Marine Day_WAF
Dark Blue Gentian and Lilyturfs for Marine Day


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