Wanders and Flowers

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Bohol: An Island Full of Wonders

While I was browsing my iPad early this morning, I came across a video of Becoming Filipino. It is about a Canadian who made documentaries of his experiences during his stay in the Philippines. I admire him for appreciating the beauty of my country and having a positive view about Filipinos. The Philippines might not be a popular country in terms of modern technology and rich economy. However, there are a lot of beautiful places.. Read More

Hamm in Winter: My First Visit

Hamm, Germany. Although it is also cold here in Japan during Christmas, my husband and I sometimes dream of snowy Christmas like what we had in Germany in 2009. It was my first visit to Germany and the first time to meet his family and friends. At that time we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. And like an excited kid, weeks before our scheduled flight, I have already prepared my.. Read More

Manila : My Trip Back Home

It was more than one year and a half since I left Manila, Philippines and moved here in Tokyo and since then I did not have the chance to visit my home country until last week… Very early in the morning last Monday, my husband and I headed to Narita International Airport where I took a Cebu Pacific flight to Manila. The trip lasted for five hours but I did.. Read More