Wanders and Flowers

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Home Gardening in Tokyo

Home gardening in Tokyo can be a bit challenging. There is not much areas for open spaces. Like any other city, land is a scarce resource in Tokyo. Open spaces are mostly alloted for public facilities like parks, zoos, and baseball fields. Most of the people live in medium or high-rise buildings known as mansions. The only open space one could have is a narrow strip of balcony intended for drying clothes… Read More

Trip to the KitKat Chocolatory

Two weeks ago, I was able to visit the KitKat Chocolatory Corner in Seibu Ikebukuro. I just knew about it when somebody commented in my blogabout my journey in finding different flavors of KitKat chocolates here in Tokyo last month. She asked if I have visited the Chocolatory. And since KitKats are one of the favorite omiyages or souvenirs from Japan, there is always a new product to watch out for.. Read More

A Taste of China in Yokohama

It has been a while since I last visited Chinatown in Yokohama. Normally I only go there in spring on my way to Yokohama Stadium to see the tulips. Every time I go there, I tried not to spend as much time as I can because it is too crowded for me. Last week I had the chance to visit it again when I met with my friend Kath before.. Read More

Joining the KitKat Craze

Recently a lot of my friends have been posting pictures of KitKat chocolates in social networks. Since I have access to the unique flavors of KitKat, I decided to join the KitKat craze. For those who visit Japan, the tour is not enough without buying “omiyage,” “pasalubong,” or souvenirs for our family and friends. From small things bought in Daiso or 100-yen stores up to high end electronics and cameras.. Read More

Only in Japan: Everyday Innovations

Thing you can see only in Japan. Japan has been known for high-end technology, unique inventions, and crazy trends. From a simple chopsticks with small rings so that toddlers can learn how to use to a conversational human-like robots, Japanese people have been creative indeed to make life easier and more enjoyable. Last week as I accompany my in-laws for Sakura viewing around Tokyo, I noticed some creative innovations that were.. Read More