Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Ikebana on Cultivating Resilience

This year has been one of the most challenging for most of us. It seemed the whole world stopped for about a month or two. Economies and businesses were (or still are) down; limited mobility; and fear of uncertainty enveloping most of us. It is during this hard times that I personally appreciate efforts, big and small, to help each other cope with our current situation. People sharing their culinary.. Read More

Wildflowers Along the River

wildflowers in Tokyo

A walk the rivers of Nakagawa and Arakawa has been a regular thing for me and my husband for some years now. Especially during this time when travelling is a challenge. From our house, it is less than 5 minutes to walk to Nakagawa riverside. The two rivers are beside each other separated by an artificial island with a highway road on top. Depending on the weather and our mood,.. Read More

Peruvian Lily for Mid-Spring

Peruvian Lily in Ikebana

Peruvian Lily or Alstroemeria is native to South America but a popular choice for florists worldwide. It comes in vibrant colors of yellow, pink, orange and white. We often see them in bouquets or centerpieces mostly in clusters. This week I found some Peruvian Lilies at our friendly neighborhood flower store. I bought a couple of stems together with Enkainthus branches and Green Dianthus. All of these plants can last.. Read More

Manila Ikebana Installation and Workshop

Last year as part of my Philippine trip, I stayed a few days in Manila after our Iloilo visit to attend to some personal errands; catch up with family and friends; and do Ikebana. It was a great opportunity for me to create some Ikebana arrangements for the Diocesan Shrine of Sto. Nino. And the day after that, I had a workshop in collaboration with Zaan Japanese Tea House. Ikebana.. Read More

Magnolia for Winter Ikebana

Magnolia is one of the flowers in my to-do list. Every year, I always admire how the tree near our building blooms with elegant white Magnolia flowers. I always imagine how it would look like if I put some branches in a vase. Unfortunately, the flower shops around us do not sell such. The first weeks of January were a bit tough for me. I suffered from fever with cough.. Read More