Flowers and Ikebana

Birds Nest Ferns : Versatility and Drama

Birds Nest ferns are a great choice if you are looking for versatility and drama in your composition. Its broad leaves provide a solid green background that complements the colors of the flowers. Likewise its length can give a lot of room for leaf manipulation.

These leaves are also a good material for those who prefer foliage instead of flowers. Or for those who are learning various leaf manipulation techniques. I enjoy using them like ribbons for they give nice curls and waves in the arrangement.

Birds Nest Leaves in Different Compositions

For two weeks now, our local flower shop has a good supply of Birds Nest ferns.. I bought a dozen for one thousand yen. I like them because they remind me of the tropics. Here are the arrangements with these leaves as the main feature of the composition.

The first one is a simple Ikebana using Birds Nest leaf and Peruvian lilies. The leaf was arranged like a ribbon to add some interest.

Similar to the first arrangement, the second composition highlights the leaves. A few cream roses added as compliment to the dark green colors.

Dainty Roses Above Dark Broad Leaves

For my last arrangement, I let the leaves spread gloriously with some focal points using alliums. Spreading the leaves also add some drama and festive mood to the whole arrangement.

Birds Nest Leaves in Ikebana
Celebration with Broad Leaves and Alliums

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