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Balcony Blooms

Our balcony this year has been very cooperative. Weather here in Tokyo is a bit weird but still our small garden managed to survive. It even surprised us with beautiful blooms! And because the weather is mostly sunny and warm, my fishes are out to play!

Balcony bloom_5
Small Container Pond at the Balcony


White roses! Yes, they are in plural form because two beautiful roses are now the center of attraction of our balcony.  I was checking pictures of the same plant from last year. I noticed that it produced a bright pink flower. But now all flowers were white?! Spring must be really warm for this to happen. Nevertheless, the white roses also complement with the lush green leaves around them.

Balcony bloom_3
White Roses Greet Us Every Morning

The tiny pink flowers of the Citronella are also in bloom. The flowers add to the beauty of the roses as the two plants blend well together. Lavenders, on the other hand, fills our balcony with soft and relaxing fragrance. Sometimes after watering the plants, the smell enters our house.

Balcony bloom_4
Pink Citronella Flowers to Protect Us from Mosquitoes and Bugs


Balcony bloom_7
Lavender Flowers Make Freshen Our Air


Balcony bloom_11
Pink Dianthus Pops Up from Time to Time


Balcony bloom_12
Ferns Make Our Garden Lush

Harvests from Our Balcony

Aside from flowers, we also enjoy some herbs and berries that we freshly pick from our small garden. This year, I have been successful growing dill. We love to put it in our omelettes during our weekend brunch.

Balcony bloom_8
Fresh Dill for Omelettes

We also have a handful of strawberry fruits this season. And to protect them from birds, I enclosed the plant box with a fine net. Now we are enjoying sweet strawberries in full size. (Last year when I was about to pick them up, I found only half-size strawberries. The birds ate half of the fruits 🙁 )

Balcony bloom_1
Our Own Strawberry Patch


Balcony bloom_6
Fresh Mulberries Everyday!


Balcony bloom_9
Fresh Mints for Our Drinks


Balcony bloom_10
Growing Laurel for Adobo


Balcony bloom_2
Sweet Berries for Snack

I also tried to grow some plants from seeds like fennel, carrots, melon, cucumber, and zucchini. At the moment they look promising. Hopefully by summer or autumn, we would be able to harvest some fruits and vegetables. Can’t wait to pull fresh fennels and carrots out from the ground!

4 thoughts on “Balcony Blooms

  1. Hi Anna! I love them all, esp. the pink citronella and your strawberry patch. I miss planting herbs in my tiny garden. I’ve tried twice already but all of herbs died, I don’t know what’s wrong. My green thumbs fails me when it comes to orchids, roses and herbs.


    1. Hi Ate Weng! Thank you for liking the flowers 🙂 Have you tried growing the herbs indoors? You can try rosemary.. they love the sun and can survive with less water. Basil can be grown indoors too. I would suggest that you put the herbs in separate pots so that they will not compete with each other.

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