Flowers and Ikebana

Back to Basics for My Ikebana

Back to basics. You heard it right! For these few weeks at least. From time to time,  I sometimes go back and do arrangements focusing on shin-soe-hikae placements. But this time is a special case. Starting next Tuesday until early April, I will be teaching Ikebana to a group of ladies through Best Japan Living.


I am very excited and at the same time anxious. Excited because it is a great privilege to share my passion to new a new crowd. I am also excited to meet new students and hopefully become friends with them. As for the anxious side, guess I am always like this every time I prepare for a workshop or exhibition. For now, I hope you enjoy my arrangement for this week. I know I have not been active posting my works recently. Hope this will make up for it.


back to basics ikebana
Back to Basics Ikebana featuring Shin Soe and Hikae


To know more about the schedule, topics, and how to join my classes, please visit Best Japan Living’s website or you can also click here. Please feel free to share it with your families and friends too!

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