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Azalea : Where to See Them in Edogawa

Azalea and Rhododendrons are in season at the moment. These beautiful flowers continue the spring feel as the temperature start to get warmer. In Japan, azalea is commonly a preferred plant species for box hedges along major roads. Sometime in the last days of April until mid-May, these flowers start to pop on the green beds. Nezu Shrine is a popular place that people visit during azalea season. But if you do not like to fight your way through the crowd, I recommend visiting community parks instead.

Azalea in Edogawa

Edogawa is one of the places one should visit to enjoy the azaleas. Along the roads are azalea hedges in whites, pinks, and reds. The city parks also have sections planted with nicely pruned azaleas for people to enjoy. I especially like going to Gyosen Park and Nagisa Park.

Flower Hedges Around Nishi-Kasai

Inside the Japanese Garden of Gyosen Park is a huge green wall of azaleas beside the pond. Other features of the park include a zoo, a playground, ponds for fishing enthusiasts, and picnic area adorned with sakura trees.

Inside the Japanese Garden of Gyosen Park

View of the Azaleas from the Iris Pond

Another place worth visiting is Nagisa Park. This park is part of Edogawa’s Sogo or Total Recreation Park which comprises a number of parks and sports fields. From the Fuji Rose Garden, there is a sightseeing shuttle train that goes up to the azalea hillside. From the hilltop is a nice view of the Edogawa River and Disneyland.

Flower-Covered Hill at Nagisa Park

With the Sightseeing Shuttle a Nagisa Park

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