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Autumn Walks Here and There

We are back with our autumn walks! After some rainy days, weather here in Tokyo starts to become nice. Sunny but not too humid. Temperature starts to cool down with bright blue skies. My husband and I made a stroll around Nishi-Kasai and Kasai last Sunday. It has been a while now since we last had a long walk around our area. We first went to Gyosen Park and then straight ahead to Shinkawa Canal. This is the small canal that connects Arakawa River and Edogawa River.

As we walked along the canal, it was fascinating to see the red spider lilies growing here and there. We also saw some kids catching small crabs at the grassy parts of the canal. We have walked and biked on both sides of this canal quite a number of times already. But every time we are here, we always discover something new.

Autumn Walks
Red Spider Lilies Brighten the Start of Autumn


Autumn Walks_2
Little Kiddos Catching Crabs Along Shinkawa Canal


When we reached the end of the Canal, we have decided to continue walking along Edogawa River until Pony Land Park. We biked here before but it was our first time to walk along this side of Edogawa River. Something to add to our usual autumn walks. Walking lead me to some new discoveries. I noticed that the walkway on this side has some interesting and informative tiles. There were tiles of fishes, birds, and other sea animals that can be found in the river or in the area. We also saw some small fishing boats docked along the river.


Autumn Walks_3
Informative Tiles Placed on the Path Walk along Edogawa River


Autumn Walks_4
Sea Animals in Edogawa River


Autumn Walks_5
Fishing Boat Under Tozai Line


By the time we reached Pony Land Park near Nagisa New Town, it was already a bit dark. We made a brief stop at the park to rest and have some drinks. After that, we walked across the park until we reached Fuji Park and the Rose Garden. At this time of the year, there were only a few autumn roses in the garden. Most of the plants will probably be in full bloom around November. But still, the place is like a mystic garden similar to those mentioned in the fairytales or classic storybooks.


Autumn Walks_6
Perfect Topiaries at Small Hill of Pony Land


Autumn Walks_7
Autumn Blooms at Edogawa Rose Garden


Autumn Walks_8
Edogawa Rose Garden in Autumn


It was already night time when we reached Shinsui Park. Walking home was very soothing and serene. We walked around 11 kilometers in total for about 3.5 hours. The season has just started, and so with our autumn walks.

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