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Autumn Leaves at Gyosen Park

Autumn leaves in red and orange hues are now starting to beautify Tokyo. As the temperature begins to fall down, the trees along the roads give a warm vibe. For the past years, my husband and I always try to go to places to see the autumn colors. And one of the great places to see them is just a few minutes away from our house.


Gyosen Park’s Autumn Leaves


Although it is still a bit early, a lot of the plants and trees at Gyosen Park are already in autumn colors. The Japanese maple trees have amazing gradient colors from green to bright yellow-orange.


The Japanese maples at Gyosen Park


It was very calming to walk around the Japanese pond as my eyes enjoy the green wall with some orange spots. And on my other side, the beautiful kois swimming under the warm sun.


The Japanese Pond at Gyosen Park


Having fun under the sun




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