Flowers and Ikebana

Anthurium Ikebana Arrangements

Anthurium is a tropical flower famous for its heart and waxy shape. It has a long vase life which is ideal for an arrangement or display. Often times, we see them arranged vertically so that the hearts are visible. But this also gives the flowers a two-dimensional image because of its flat structure.

Here in Japan, anthurium flowers are a bit expensive and rare. Most of the time, they come in pots as house plants. We rarely get them as materials for our Ikebana sessions. This week, we were lucky to have some beautiful anthuriums to play with.


Anthurium in Ikebana 

For my arrangement this week, I highlighted the anthuriums in two different ways. First, the anthurium flowers serve as the main material of the Ikebana arrangement. Using the curves of its stem, I placed the flowers facing upwards to add some dimension. I also placed some peony buds, pink statice, and spotted Dracena leaves.


Anthurium Flowers with Peony Buds, Pink Statice, and Dracena Leaves


Next, I used the anthurium as a complement to the irises. Iris flowers are in season this time of the year. It is also the symbol flower for Japan’s Boys Day celebration. Remembering what my sensei taught me about Iris flowers, I arranged these flowers vertically in the vase.  As a contrast, I put red anthurium flowers in between facing up. I also added some peony buds to create some light points.


Iris Arrangement with Red Anthurium Flowers and White Peony Buds

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