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Amsterdam on Foot and by Cruise

Amsterdam is my something new to visit this year. During our German trip last summer, we were fortunate to have a day to explore this city.  And because it was not so far from Hamm, we went there by car.  However, we needed to park a bit far because parking is a nightmare at the city center.

Modern building designs as we approach Amsterdam

We parked under the Olympic Stadium and from there we rode the tram to Amsterdam Central Station. 

Amsterdam Olympic Stadium
The Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam

Trying the infamous BRT

Exploring Amsterdam on Foot

With cobblestone paths and lively scenes here and there, we have decided to explore this city on foot instead of availing the Hop on- Hop off Bus Day Pass. We first visited the Basilica of Saint Nicholas just a few meters away from the central station. 

Amsterdam Central Station
The Central Station

View of the Basilica near the Central Station

Inside the Basilica

From there, we walked along the narrow streets of the city while feasting our eyes with the building facades, food displays, and a lot more. 

Restaurants and pubs for locals and tourists

Tilted buildings with beams. These are former storehouses and the beams are for lifting furnitures and other things because they wont fit to the stairs.

Amsterdam day tour
Classic facade blending well with contemporary buildings

Amsterdam windows
Windows in the City: The more they have, the higher the tax

Amsterdam Palace
The Royal Palace

Magna Plaza Amsterdam
Magna Plaza: The Shopping Center behind the Palace

Art in the City

Amsterdam is also a haven for art enthusiasts as it houses big museums like the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. At the center of the busy city is the Amsterdam Museum that displays various historic artifacts of the city from middle ages up to the present.

Outside the museum walls are different art and historic exhibitions for people to explore.

The Historic Tiles near the entrance of the Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Museum Cafe
Cozy Cafe at the Amsterdam Museum

Window Exhibit of the Former Orphanage which is now the Museum Cafe

Amsterdam Walk on Art
Walk on Art Exhibition: The carpet is a quilt of fabric designs from different countries

Amsterdam Walk on Art
David and Goliath

There is also a life size sculpture of the Night Watch painting at the center of the Rembrandt Plaza.

Rembrandt in Amsterdam
The Night Watch sculpture at the Rembrandt Plaza

A Happy Place Day and Night

The city has different areas for people from all walks of life. It is a place for those who are into history and the arts; people who love the nightlife; shopaholics; and a legal haven for weed lovers. 

When in Amsterdam
Paraphernalia Shop

Cannabis Lollipops and a lot more

Lots of good cheese

Tulips in different colors

The infamous white and blue porcelains

Amsterdam red light district
The Red Windows of Amsterdam

Cruisin’ Around Amsterdam

With a few hours still left before sundown, we decided to explore a few more areas on board one of the boats.

Amsterdan Canal Cruise
Relaxing View from our Boat Cruise

A smaller version of the Skinny Bridge

House Boats here and there

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