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Alliums and Sunflowers: Signs of Summer

Alliums are one of the flowers I love when the weather starts to get warmer. In early May, I always look forward to see them in my flower sets. I especially like those with crazy curves.


Highlighting Lines Using the Crazy Stems of Alliums


In June, we get big balls and very tall straight stems. And when paired with sunflowers, it is an indicator that summer is already here. I love combining big allium flowers with the bright sunflowers. The purple color gives a good mass yet refreshing to the eyes. On the other hand, the bright yellow hues provides a happy vibrant summer feeling.


Alliums and Sunflowers Ikebana

Both flowers possess beautiful long stems which are great for emphasizing lines. Likewise, their bulk flower heads are good examples for highlighting mass. Below are two arrangements that I made using alliums and sunflowers.


The first arrangement is a simple vertical Ikebana. The flower heads of both plants serve as focal points for its viewers. They also give balance to the solid blue color of the vase. In order to highlight the great lines of their stems, I removed most of the sunflower leaves. The stems also make the whole arrangement lighter to look at because of the clear space in the middle. I also put a few low Euonymus leaves or evergreen shrubs to maintain the contrasting colors scheme.


Alliums and Sunflowers Ikebana
Vertical Ikebana Arrangement Using Alliums and Sunflowers


Using the same flowers and color scheme, I again tried to incorporate space and air in my second arrangement. But instead of arranging the flowers in a straight line, they are in a criss-cross position. This is to create some interest and playfulness within the arrangement. Dracena leaves were added for a more natural look. A few Hypericum berries were placed below for subtle contrast.


Flowers From the Fields


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