Flowers and Ikebana

All-rounder Ikebana in Progression

An all-rounder Ikebana arrangement is one of the key lessons when learning Ikebana especially under Sogetsu School. It is an arrangement that can be viewed from all side. For some, this arrangement is a bit of a challenge because the balance and space should be maintained from all angles without making the whole arrangement monotonous. This means that movement should also be considered while doing an all-rounder.

During my days as an Ikebana student, I tried creating all-rounder arrangements using minimal materials. This is to keep focus on the colors and harmony amongst the flowers. However, as I progress in my studies, I also try to challenge my skills as a learner of the art. Yesterday, I again tried to make an all-rounder. But this time, I was more adventurous. Instead of using minimal materials, I combined five materials of different colors, textures, and forms. And instead of keeping uniformity from all angles, I made each angle different from the other but still maintained their harmony and cohesion. Doing so, I was able to create six different points of view of my all-rounder arrangement.

All-rounder 1st side
First View: Philodendron Leaf with White Larkspur, Yellow Mums, and Yellow Day Lily Buds


All-rounder 2nd side
Second View: Philodendron Leaves, White Larkspurs, Yellow Mums and Day Lilies


All-rounder 3rd side
Third View: Yellow Day Lilies, White Larkspurs, Yellow Mums, Pink Statice, and Philodendron Leaves


All-rounder 4th side
Fourth View: Pink Statice, Red Hypericum Berries, Philodendron Leaves, Yellow Day Lilies, Yellow Mums, and White Larkspurs


All-rounder 5th side
Fifth View: Philodendron Leaves with Dark Pink Statice and Red Hypericum Berries. Behind are White Larkspurs and Yellow Day Lily Buds


All-rounder 6th side
Sixth View: Philodendron Leaves with Yellow Day Lily Buds, White Larkspurs, Dark Pink Statice, Red Hypericum Berries, and Yellow Mums

Each side highlights one or two materials. But as a whole, they give a progressive form of the whole arrangement. The arrangement takes its viewers to a progressive journey from the gentle colors of yellow and green until the aggressive contrasts of green and dark pink. Along the way, some materials at the forefront become supporting materials and vice-versa.

All-rounder Ikebana
An All-Rounder Ikebana Arranged in Progression

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