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A Piece of Bremen in Kawasaki

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to Kawasaki after more than 5 years since our last visit. We visited the Kawasaki International Center for a meeting. As we stepped out of Motosumiyoshi Station, the infamous Town Musicians of Bremen welcomed us.

Right outside the station exit is Bremen Street. A market street in recognition of the Sister City partnership between Kawasaki City and Bremen, Germany.

The Town Musicians of Bremen in Japan
The Town Musicians of Bremen outside Motosumiyoshi Station

Bremen Street Kawasaki
The Four Bremen Musicians Reminding People to Mask Up

Entrance to the Bremenstrasse Market right outside Motosumiyoshi Station

Bremenstrasse is a good example of east-west fusion. It has the vibe of Europe through the four animals from the story “The Town Musicians of Bremen” and at the same time it has the quaint vibe of an old Japanese market scene. Before the pandemic, the street was very festive especially on the weekends because of the vendors selling on the street as well as the locals and visitors looking and buying.

A Traditional-Looking Izakaya (Japanese Drinking Bar) at Bremenstrasse

Kawasaki International Center Services

Inside the Kawasaki International Center

We visited the Kawasaki International Center to have a brief meeting for my husband”s presentation inline with the 160th Anniversary of the Germany-Japan Friendship in September. For more details, please visit www.kian.or.jp.

While waiting for the meeting to start, we had the chance to go and look around. There is a corner with different shelves filled with papers in different languages. These are guides to help foreigners who need assistance while living in Tokyo. The center not only caters to those living in Kawasaki but also to those who are in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Schedule of Helpdesk for Different Nationalities

Free Consultation for Foreign Residents

Guides for Different Topics Related to Living in Japan for Foreigners

Should you need assistance or you know someone who needs help especially during this hard time, please visit the center’s website for more information.

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