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3Rs: Incorporating Re-use, Reduce and Recycle in my Ikebana

I guess even if I am not directly involved in urban development and  management at the moment I somehow incorporate some of its principles even in my Ikebana. A few months ago, I wrote about using old newspapers as vase for my arrangement in Flowers in a Paper Boat.  And for yesterday’s special class with my sensei, I again tried to apply the concept of waste management’s 3Rs (re-use, reduce, recycle) in my Ikebana.

Welcoming autumn using pumpkins, ivy leaves, pink Gerberas, and tomato eggplants with re-used, recycled, reduced materials


Re-use: For the second time, I used the frame made of dried twigs as one of the highlights in my arrangement. During my past lessons, I was able to gather a number of stems and twigs but instead of throwing them, I made a frame to give old materials a new purpose.

Recycle: Aside from the twigs, I also used pink and white fruit wrappings as fillers in my pumpkin arrangement. I cut the wrappers into small petal-like pieces and arranged them like a lotus flower.

Reduce: The dark blue vase which serves as the main vase requires 3 liters of water in order to prolong the life of the arrangement. However, since not all the materials need water, I put the fresh flowers, leaves, and stems in smaller vases so not I do not need to put a lot of water. The small vases also serve as support for the wooden frame.

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