Flowers and Ikebana

Remembering My Childhood Days through Ikebana

While I was browsing Facebook yesterday and seeing posts from my elementary classmates and friends, I suddenly remembered my childhood days especially when we do some crafts and art projects in school. After that I found myself in Daiso (100-yen store) looking for some art materials. I saw some wooden nameplates which are used as markers for planting. It reminded me of popsicle sticks that we used to make some fruit vase. I bought some to make a wooden vase which I used for today’s Ikebana.

My first arrangement focused on the beauty of craft materials. I used the wooden vase I made together with a string of wooden sticks that made beautiful twirls.  I used light yellow chrysanthemums as a complement.

Wooden crafts for my Ikebana

While I was doing my second arrangement, it brought me back to the days when I enjoy playing Pick-up Sticks or Uno blocks. I was very careful not to move the red dogwood stems while I place each of them in my vase without a kenzan.  I had some fails but I do not mind redoing my arrangement again and again because it was fun! I also put some alliums to add some crazy lines.

Playing Pick-up Sticks the opposite way while doing Ikebana





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