Flowers and Ikebana

Our Voyage Exhibition in Yokohama

The Voyage Exhibition last weekend was another milestone for me and Susumu. For three days, we again shared and displayed our passion in Ikebana and pottery. For this year, we chose the word “voyage” to symbolize the sea. We wanted to align our work with the place where we had our exhibition. Yokohama is a coastal city and one of the major Japanese ports. Also, voyage means a journey for both of us. We first met in Yokohama back in 2009. At that time, we were in different fields. A few years after, we came back as an Ikebana artist and potter.

Overlooking Yokohama Coast


Bashamichi Ohtsu Gallery 


Our exhibition was held at the basement of Bashamichi Ohtus Gallery. It is one of the heritage buildings near Sakuragicho station. Opposite the building is the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History.


Surrounding area of Bashamichi Ohtsu Gallery


Inside Bashamichi Ohtsu Gallery


Our Works at the Voyage Exhibition


With the sea as our theme, we tried to recreate some scenes that would make our visitors feel they are on the beach or under the sea. Here are some photos of our works.


Welcoming the guests at the Voyage Exhibition


Pearls and Shells


Coral Reef of Cosmos and Anemone


The Yokohama Port


Voyage Exhibition
Under the Sea


Susumu’s cups in between sunrise and sunset


Tropical Moon


Tropical Sun


Cups and plates made by Susumu


Bamboo Boat


Sea Kelps


Aside from the exhibition, we also had workshops on basic Ikebana arrangement and small bowl making.


Learning the Shin, Soe, and Hikae during the Ikebana Workshop


Arrangements of the Ikebana Workshop participants


Susumu during his Potter Workshop


Susumu and I would like to thank all our friends and former colleagues who visited us at the exhibition. We are very thankful for always supporting us as we continue to hone and share our passions. We hope to see again in our future events!

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