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Kasairinkaikoen All-Year Round

Kasairinkaikoen is one of the places I love here in Edogawa. Whenever friends come for a visit, I always recommend them to see this park. For us, it is only about 15-20 minutes by bike along Kasai Coast. It is also accessible via Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station and cannot be missed because it has its own stop. There are also buses from Funabori, Nishi-Kasai, and Kasai stations. Twice a.. Read More

Where Did the Tunas Go?

A couple of months ago an alarming news about the death of more than 60 tunas at Tokyo Sea Life Park in Kasai Rinkaikoen. And despite various efforts, cause of death is still a mystery even to┬áresearchers and aquarium caretakers. The tuna tank is one of the major highlights of the aquarium since it opened two decades ago. Under the aquarium’s breeding program, they aimed to save fishes and other.. Read More