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Find My Tokyo : Challenge Accepted!

Find My Tokyo is a campaign strategy of Tokyo Metro to help people know more about Japan”s capital city. By using the subway stations as reference points, you can easily go to various unique shops and tourist spots. It is also a great way to experience some local traditions and cultural activities special for certain areas.   It was my husband who told me about this. Surprisingly, I found out.. Read More

Tokyo Imperial Palace: Behind the Walls

Tokyo Imperial Palace is one of the must-see places when touring Japan particularly Tokyo. It is a vast green space at the heart of the country’s financial and government district, just a few blocks outside Tokyo Station. Every new year, the palace ground becomes crowded as people fall in line to see and hear Emperor. On ordinary days, visitors can only access the Imperial East Garden and the Kokyo Gaien. Both are outside the.. Read More

Odaiba : Amazing Fusion of Asian and Western Cities

I have been to Odaiba several times in the past, a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay across Rainbow Bridge, but my last visit was a bit different. Maybe because during my previous visits I was preoccupied with other things or maybe my perspective of places have changed since I started my blog. For most locals or even foreign visitors here in Tokyo, Odaiba is greatly known as the shopping.. Read More