Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Pincushion Flowers for Early Autumn

Pincushion (or Pincushion Protea) is an evergreen native to Zimbabwe and South Africa. Oftentimes, it strives in the forests or mountain slopes. Recently, it is gaining popularity in flower arrangements because of its unique structure and bright color.   Pincushion for Early Autumn Ikebana   As the temperature starts to cool down, the colors in our flower set also change from pastels to orange and purple. One of my indicators.. Read More

Autumn Arrangements: Leaves, Fruits, Stems

Autumn is officially here! Still a bit humid but relatively better than summer weather. As the temperature starts to drop down little by little, the leaves also start to change its colors. I am excited to see red Momijis (Japanese maple) and bright yellow Ginko leaves very soon! At the moment most leaves are still dark green. But compared to other seasons, leaves; stems; and berry plants are abundant in the flower.. Read More

New Zealand Flax To Play With

New Zealand Flax is one of my favorite materials for Ikebana. The leaves are quite long, strong, and flexible. These leaves are one of the best materials to use if you are learning about leaf manipulation. They are very versatile and malleable. You can use them like ribbons or weave them like a basket or mat. For our Ikebana lesson last Tuesday, we got a bunch of New Zealand Flax together.. Read More