Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Tokyo Imperial Palace: Behind the Walls

Tokyo Imperial Palace is one of the must-see places when touring Japan particularly Tokyo. It is a vast green space at the heart of the country’s financial and government district, just a few blocks outside Tokyo Station. Every new year, the palace ground becomes crowded as people fall in line to see and hear Emperor. On ordinary days, visitors can only access the Imperial East Garden and the Kokyo Gaien. Both are outside the.. Read More

Exciting Ikspiari Experience

Iskpiari is a mall right outside Tokyo Disneyland. Most of the time, I only pass by there when I get off the Disney Train on my way to Maihama Station. Two weeks ago, I was able to get a full Ikspiari experience! My friend Julia was in town for a week-long vacation with her husband. They used to live here in Nishi-Kasai for almost a decade before they decided to go.. Read More

Bonsai Museum: Century-Old Trees in Pots

The Bonsai Museum or Shunkaen Bonsai Museum is located in Niihori, Edogawa City. I have heard and read about it long time before but it was only yesterday that we were able to visit it. We both don’t have work since Japan is celebrating its National Foundation Day and the accession of its first emperor. And because the weather was nice yesterday, we decided to go there by bike to enjoy the scenery. The museum is.. Read More

Nishi-Kasai Introduced Me to Diwali Fest

Diwali Festival is also known as Festival of Lights in India. My husband once told me that Nishi-Kasai is also known as Little Delhi. Nishi-Kasai caters to the biggest population of Indians here in Japan. True enough, Indian culture has been very visible in our place because of several Indian restaurants and food shops. There are also two or three Indian international schools. At night when I bike along Kasai coast, I.. Read More

Flower Talks: Let the Plants Speak to You

My mom used to do flower talks while watering the plants in our garden. It is not always a literal chat with her plants. Most of the time, she just examine her plants and rearranging the pots for those who need more sunshine. Maybe that is where I learned how to observe plants in my own special way. For my past few arrangements, I had a great time and experience.. Read More