Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

White Flowers to Welcome the Summer

White flowers are a bit abundant these past few days. Temperature and humidity start to rise here in Tokyo. An indicator that summer is just around the corner. These white flowers somehow help ease the summer heat as they are very refreshing to look at. Last Tuesday, I have decided to highlight two white flowers for my Ikebana arrangements. I also added different shades of green to complement with the white color… Read More

My First Ikebana Workshop in Manila

One of my dreams is to share the art of Ikebana to my family and friends in the Philippines. It became one of my goals when I got my license as an Ikebana sensei. I was able to achieve that goal when my husband and I went to Manila last week for a short vacation. But much bigger than I hoped for. Last 30 April, I was able to have an.. Read More

May 5 is Boys Day in Japan

May 5 is designated as part of the Golden Week holiday here in Japan as they celebrate Children’s Day. Before Japan switched to the Gregorian calendar, this day was celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th moon. It’s original name was Tango no Sekku or Feast of Banners to give honor to young boys. In 1948, it was renamed Kodomo no Hi by the government to celebrate happiness of all.. Read More

Yukiko no Kabin (Yukiko’s Vase)

Yukiko is our next door Japanese neighbor. She has always been of big help especially when we need assistance in filling up Japanese forms or understanding the notices sent to us by mail. Last Friday, she and her family moved to Fukushima. Her husband was assigned to work there. It has been a gloomy week for me, my husband, and our other friends. We will surely miss her and her.. Read More

Flowers for My Mom

Today is my mom’s 67th birthday. Today is also the 11th year that we are not celebrating this special day with her. In 2005, my mom was diagnosed with cancer of the bone. It was very abrupt. And until now, the day when we lost her feels like very recent. We always miss her especially her sermons; how she looks when she gets angry; her excitement over a new plant;.. Read More