Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Bamboo Vases for Early Autumn

When you hear about Asia, one of the first things that come to mind is bamboo. In Japan, it reflects resilience, strength, purity, and innocence. It is also one of the most used materials for Ikebana arrangements. During our summer trip in Nagano, my friend gave me a couple of bamboo vases. They were from her parents-in-law. And because it was summer vacation for our Ikebana class, it was only.. Read More

New Zealand Flax To Play With

New Zealand Flax is one of my favorite materials for Ikebana. The leaves are quite long, strong, and flexible. These leaves are one of the best materials to use if you are learning about leaf manipulation. They are very versatile and malleable. You can use them like ribbons or weave them like a basket or mat. For our Ikebana lesson last Tuesday, we got a bunch of New Zealand Flax together.. Read More

Fillers As Stars in Ikebana

Fillers are small flowers or foliage that are used to complete an arrangement. They also complement the main flowers to make their beauty more visible. I find fillers very fascinating. For me they are as beautiful as most of the main flowers used in an arrangement. Hence, I made an Ikebana using common fillers as the main materials to showcase their beauty.   Ikebana Highlighting Fillers For this arrangement, I used Gypsophila or Bristol.. Read More

Purple Flowers for June

purple flowers ikebana

Purple flowers had been a part of our flower set during our Ikebana class for the past weeks.  When I asked my sensei about it, she said that purple flowers are abundant in June here in Japan. Maybe because it is one of the indicators that summer is already here. The colors of the flowers tend to go on the cooler shades like the hues of blue and purple. To embrace.. Read More

Herbs and Fruits for Morimono

I find herbs quite fascinating. They bring magical flavors to dishes, they have healing properties, and their scents help cleanse the air. My first attempt to have a garden full of herbs was a couple of years back when I was still based in Manila. Unfortunately, I was not successful to have one at that time. I again tried to grow some herbs when I returned to Tokyo in 2012. Our balcony.. Read More