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Produce from Our Balcony Garden

balcony produce

This year’s produce from our balcony garden is a mixture of good and not so good. We had a bit of radical temperature changes for a couple weeks recently. Too warm at lunchtime and then sudden drop at nighttime. Some days are very sunny almost like mid-summer. But there are days when we it is cold and rainy.   Sweet Produce From Our Balcony Our strawberries and mulberries were abundant.. Read More

Herbs and Fruits for Morimono

I find herbs quite fascinating. They bring magical flavors to dishes, they have healing properties, and their scents help cleanse the air. My first attempt to have a garden full of herbs was a couple of years back when I was still based in Manila. Unfortunately, I was not successful to have one at that time. I again tried to grow some herbs when I returned to Tokyo in 2012. Our balcony.. Read More