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Kamakura Daibutsu And A Lot More

The Kamakura Daibutsu or the Great Buddha is the main reason foreign people visit Kamakura. But like other great places, there is a lot more to see. When my friend from Manila visited us last mid-April, we went for a day trip in Kamakura. One day is not enough to see all the beautiful things the place and its nearby areas can offer. However, one day would also suffice to.. Read More

Sapporo Beer and Shirase Sunday

Sapporo Beer is one of the popular Japanese brands inside and outside Japan. Last March 5th, my husband and I together with our friends went for an afternoon factory tour at their brewery in Chiba. From Nishi-Kasai, we went to Tsudanuma station to meet Yoshi and Mika. From there, the four of us took the free bus shuttle headed to the brewery. It was shortly before 3:00 pm when we reached.. Read More

Autumn Walks Here and There

We are back with our autumn walks! After some rainy days, weather here in Tokyo starts to become nice. Sunny but not too humid. Temperature starts to cool down with bright blue skies. My husband and I made a stroll around Nishi-Kasai and Kasai last Sunday. It has been a while now since we last had a long walk around our area. We first went to Gyosen Park and then.. Read More

German Treats at Tokyo German Village

The Tokyo German Village in Sodegaura City, Chiba is very popular during Christmas time because of its illuminations. However, even at day time it has its own charm. Last Thursday, my husband and I went to the Tokyo German Village with some friends. Japan was celebrating its Day of the Mountain at the that time so we decided to leave Tokyo early to avoid the traffic jam. From our place,.. Read More

Umihotaru and Blueberries

Umihotaru is a man-made island located in the middle of Tokyo Bay. It serves as a rest area for drivers who use the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line going to Chiba from Kawasaki and vice-versa. Umi means sea while hotaru means firefly. Sea firefly is a luminous crustasea mostly living in Tateyama Bay of the southern Boso Peninsula. Like the insect, Umihotaru brightens Tokyo Bay at nighttime. Last Saturday, my husband.. Read More