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Holiday Arrangements for the Merry Season

holiday arrangements

It is the time of the year when our Ikebana class go away with traditional and do some holiday arrangements. Last Tuesday, all of us enjoyed making our arrangements not worrying about crowded flowers or forms. And instead of kenzan, we had floral foams for us to be able to bring home what we made. And during my afternoon session with sensei, I made a couple more to decorate our.. Read More

Parol: Missing Christmas in Manila

Parol is a tradition in the Philippines. It is a star usually made from bamboo sticks decorated with different ornaments. It is a must for most families during Christmas in the country. Most of the time, people hang the parol in front of their houses. Some put lights to make it bright, while other keep it simple yet beautiful. Although the decorations and lights become extravagant every year, parol has.. Read More