Flowers and Ikebana

Steel Grass and Carnations

Steel grass is a very unique yet versatile plant for flower arrangements. Every time me and my husband make our after lunch walk along Shinsui Park behind Tokyo Communication Arts (TCA) College, I am always intrigued by a small bunch of steel grass planted beside the small rice paddy. I always tell my husband that my desire to cut some of the grass and use it for my Ikebana arrangement. But he always tell me that it is not allowed.

Last Tuesday afternoon while I was choosing the flowers I would like to use for my special lesson the following day, my eyes caught a bunch of steel grasses staying in a corner of the flowershop’s fridge. ¬†That moment, I did not second guess myself whether I should buy some or not. I immediately asked the staff if I can buy some. She said that it costs 30 yen for ten pieces. But as I paid at the counter, she gave it to me for 10 yen!

Doing the arrangement using steel grass the following day was a bit of a challenge because it was quite difficult to tame them. I needed to use some thin wires to hold the grasses as I want them. But my efforts paid off. I added some yellow and white carnations to complete the fine lines made by the steel grasses. I also added a light blue wire as a contrast to the green lines.

Steel Grass and Carnations
Ikebana Arrangement Highlighting Mass and Lines Using Steel Grass and Carnations


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