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Sakura Viewing in Tokyo

Spring is one of the most awaited season here in Japan. Not only because it is the start of nice weather but most especially because of the blooming cherry blossoms more popularly known as sakura. It is the time of the year where people go out of their niches and party under the Sakura trees. Locals and gaijins (foreigners) call this hanami.  A time where people can be merry, have picnic, and drink while enjoying the beautiful sakuras above them.

Same as last year, I went for my sakura exploration to admire the beauty of cherry blossoms. But this time, I was not alone. I had several trips with my husband, my neighbours, and my friends from Manila. The first two weeks of April has been great for Sakura viewing here in Tokyo. It was the time when the blossoms where at their peak.

Together with my friends, we went to familiar places famous for their sakuras.

Ueno Park

Like other locals and tourists, I always look forward to seeing sakuras in Ueno Park. There is a long street planted with white sakuras that makes me feel walking directly under the clouds. The place is very festive because of the different small activities which can be seen everywhere. There were also a lot of people in groups having their picnic under the sakuras. It was believed that it is lucky when a sakura petal fall in your drink.


Sakuradori (street) in Ueno Park
Maikos serving drinks under a Sakura tree in Ueno Park
Majestic scene inside the Buddhist Shrine in Ueno Park


Just outside the Kudanshita station Exit 2, huge sakura trees adorn the river. I like this place because it gives a very scenic image of the sakura together with some high rise buildings.


Sakuras in Kudanshita
Sakura by the river

Sumida Park

Although it was raining when I went there, it did not lessen the beauty of the sakuras. An added bonus it that this park has a nice view of the Tokyo Skytree and the Asahi Building.


Sakuras in Sumida Park
Tokyo Skytree view from Sumida Park


My friend and I went to Meguro Gajoen to see an Ikebana exhibition. And because we finished a bit early, we decided to make a small walk near the hotel. We were amazed by the beautiful sakura blooming along the river nearby.


Sakuras in Meguro

Canal Cafe, Iidabashi

I love this cafe because it was on the river and has a very nice view. My friend and I went there on our way back home from Meguro and true enough, the sakuras made the place more pretty and scenic.


View from Canal Cafe

But since we have been here for a while, my husband and I started to find places where we can enjoy the sakuras without bumping into some tourists. We started touring around our neighbourhood. And we were amazed by our discoveries. And when my friends came from Manila, these are the places which I first showed them:


Families enjoying a boat ride in Kasai River
Sakura arch in one of the inner roads in Edogawa
Pink and white Sakuras near Gyosen Park
Beautiful Sakuras in Shinsui Park, Nishi-Kasai

We were also fortunate to have been invited by my husband’s boss to their place in Kiba for sakura viewing.

Admiring the pink Sakuras in Kiba
Sakuras and Lanterns in Kiba

Although we did not see the sakuras in Yokohama, our hearts when to the heaven when we saw these amazing flowers:

Holi Festival of Colors in Aka Renga (The Red Brick Building)
Colorful tulips in front of Yokohama Stadium

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