Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Pastel Colors and Branches

Pastel colors always give me a hint that spring is just around the corner. Flowers here and there start to bloom welcoming the warm sunshine and nice cool air. Different shades of pink and yellow blend nicely with the fresh greens and bright whites. Since the first week of February, our Ikebana class receive a lot of flowers in pastel colors. We also get a handful of branches to match with… Read More

Festivals and Music Weekend

Festivals are must-do or at least to watch out for when in Japan. Almost every month, there is a festival to celebrate for. And for those who are into classical music and performances, Japan is also the country to go to. Japanese people love classical music. Almost every city has its own music hall for people to enjoy concerts and performances at very reasonable prices. Last weekend, I was able to.. Read More

Celebrating Year of the Rooster with Ikebana

rooster ikebana

This year is the Year of the Rooster based on the Chinese Zodiac.  Year of the Bird according to the Tibetan Sixty Year Cycle. For someone who is under the rooster, this year is a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Excited because it is my year.  At the same time, I am little scared because they say that this year is not good for those who are under this animal. Let’s.. Read More

Narcissus Ikebana Arrangements

Narcissus is one of the major flowers used in Ikebana. Since time immemorial, Japanese give high regard to this flower especially in winter and spring. For them, Narcissus reflects delicate beauty and resilience at the same time. When most of the fresh materials especially flowers are rare in winter, this small perennial can survive the cold weather. And when spring comes, it is the first to bloom elegantly.   Narcissus or.. Read More

Hakone in Winter: Revisiting the Usual Route

Hakone is one of the popular places to visit especially if you want to have a great view of Mt. Fuji. It is also a great place for those who want to have a relaxing time in an onsen or hot spring spas. With its proximity to Tokyo (about 90 minutes by train), it is a quick getaway from the busy city life. A couple of weeks ago, a Filipino friend.. Read More