Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Playing with Leaves : Leaf Manipulation in Ikebana

On my way to our Ikebana class last Tuesday, I was still clueless of what I should make. When I opened my set of flowers, I saw palm leaves and some grasses. Palm leaves are quite huge and if done wrong, it can overpower the flowers. But the good side is, they are also versatile and easy to modify. You can make different designs by trimming, shaping, or weaving the.. Read More

Weekends in Nishi-Kasai : Parks and Other Things

Weekends in Nishi-Kasai are great especially when the weather is beautiful.  It is the time when I can spend some leisure time with my husband allowing us to explore and enjoy Japan. But it doesn’t always mean that we immediately hop on the train and join the hustle and bustle of the crowd admiring different cities or tourist spots. Sometimes we make a bike tour around our area or have.. Read More

Odaiba : Amazing Fusion of Asian and Western Cities

I have been to Odaiba several times in the past, a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay across Rainbow Bridge, but my last visit was a bit different. Maybe because during my previous visits I was preoccupied with other things or maybe my perspective of places have changed since I started my blog. For most locals or even foreign visitors here in Tokyo, Odaiba is greatly known as the shopping.. Read More

When You Feel Like the Creative Juices Start to Run Out

Learning Ikebana and training as a sensei has been fun yet a little challenging for me for the past months. Fun because I am able to create my own arrangements freestyle. However since I have already finished the books prescribed, doing different arrangements almost every week has been a big challenge also. Every time I bike my way to our community center to attend ourTuesday lessons, my mind is already.. Read More

Reminiscing: Fishes and a lot more in Hakkeijima

My friend and I once talked about  Hakkeijima Sea Paradise because she recently saw its brochure and immediately got very interested to see the place. So when I invited her and her family to join us one Saturday, she said yes on the spot. Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is a huge amusement park located in the southern part of Yokohama. From Nihombashi Station in Tokyo, we took Keikyu Line going to Kanazawa-Hakkei.. Read More