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Exploring the Saw-Tooth Mountain (Nokogiriyama, Chiba)

Climbing stairs is not really my cup of tea especially if I need to take more than 500 steps in one day. But the pictures and stories about Nokogiriyama or the Saw-Tooth Mountain intrigued me quite well. So after a day of rest from Nippara Caves, my husband and I headed to Nokogiriyama in Chiba together with the same group of friends. There are trains from Tokyo going to Hamakanaya.. Read More

Monochromatic Ikebana

For today’s lesson, I decided to highlight single colors in my Ikebana arrangements. It is not that I am lazy to think of color combinations (hmm.. maybe partly correct since it has been two weeks or so that I have not done Ikebana ;)) but I think giving emphasis to just one color would strengthen its meaning or purpose. For my first arrangement, I chose to showcase the purity and.. Read More

Caving Near Tokyo

Last year same month, my husband and I wanted to do some exploration since it was a long weekend because of Golden Week. But since we do not want to hassle ourselves going to crowded places and expensive travels here in Japan, we tried to look for the not-so-tourist-infested places to visit. Luckily one of my friends asked us if we want to join them for caving in Nippara Caves which is just two.. Read More

A Day in Hakone

My husband and I have been wanting to go to Hakone, a place known for its onsens or hot springs and a scenic view of Mt. Fuji. However for several months now but whenever we try to look for a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) with private onsen, it was either fully booked or very expensive. And since it was just a few hours away from Tokyo, we decided to have.. Read More

Only in Japan: Weird yet Interesting Flavors of Fanta

I am not a big fan of colas or soft drinks especially the flavored ones. But since last year, I noticed that producers of Fanta here in Japan introduce weird yet interesting flavors, depending on the season. Here are some of the flavors I saw in the market recently: