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Odaiba Eboat Race: Great Fun and Clear Blue Sky

Last Saturday, my husband and I together with our friend went to Odaiba. We were there around 7:30 in the morning and I was amazed by how it was different from my previous trips. Since almost all shops and restaurants are still close, there was no trace of the hustle and bustle created by local and foreign tourists going to the malls for shopping, eating, or sightseeing. As we reached the Seaside.. Read More

Kawasaki Open Air Museum Day Tour

As we welcome autumn here in Japan, my husband and I are now thinking of new places where we can enjoy the cool breeze and bright colors of autumn. We plan to go for hiking, travel to the countryside especially outside Kanto region, and a lot more. However, we still need to check our calendars if we have enough holidays and weekends to do these things before the season ends… Read More

2014 Seishincho Autumn Festival

It’s the time of the year when people here in Japan start to say goodbye to the summer heat and welcome the cool breeze of autumn. Although it is a bit early, Momiji (Japanese maple) leaves begin to change its color. Likewise, Ginko trees are getting brighter everyday. Welcoming autumn is also something we look forward here in Edogawa especially me because of the annual autumn festival held in Seishincho.. Read More

Before They Were Three, Now They Are One

As I go on with my training as an Ikebana sensei, I try to focus on improving my weak areas such as making arrangements without using kenzan; and using unconventional materials. For yesterday’s special lesson with my sensei, I again tried to challenge myself by making arrangements using tall vases. They call this as Nagaire  wherein materials are arranged in a tall cylindrical vase without using kenzan or the spiky frog… Read More

Incorporating the 3Rs (re-use, reduce, recycle) in my Ikebana

I guess even if I am not directly involved in urban development and  management at the moment I somehow incorporate some of its principles even in my Ikebana. A few months ago, I wrote about using old newspapers as vase for my arrangement in Flowers in a Paper Boat.  And for yesterday’s special class with my sensei, I again tried to apply the concept of waste management’s 3Rs (re-use, reduce,.. Read More