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Night Sakura Viewing in Naka-Meguro

Night sakura viewing started a few years ago here in Japan. When the sky becomes dark, colored lights make the cherry blossoms visible. People who cannot enjoy the sakura blossoms due to work schedule can still admire its beauty on their way home. The lights add elegance to the white soft petals of the sakura blossoms giving a warm and relaxing ambiance.


Night Sakura Viewing 


We were not lucky to do hanami or outdoor spring picnics this year due to rain on the weekends. However, we were fortunate to visit Naka-Meguro on a weekday for some night sakura viewing. We went there on a Tuesday hoping that there would be less crowd. It was not difficult for us to find the place because the crowd even started at the platform station. The sakura spot is just outside the station. Hundreds of white sakura trees were planted along the Naka-Meguro river which is five minutes by walk from the train station exits.

Local and Foreign Visitors on Their Way to See the Sakura


Sakura Trees Under Naka-Meguro Station Tracks


Lanterns Illuminating the Sakura Trees


The whole place was very festive. Restaurants made small kiosks to sell food and drinks. There were also kiosks that sell champagne in flutes for those who are on a date or in a celebrating mood.


Surrounding Restaurants in Festive Mood


Food To Go Everywhere


Small Corner Kiosk Solely for Champagne


Walking on both sides of the river is like a pilgrimage due to influx of people. The bridges in between were filled with different kinds of cameras and smart phones as the foreign and local visitors try to get a nice shots of the scenery.


Our Hanami Pilgrimage



My husband and I walked for a couple of hours admiring the ceiling-like sakuras that cover the sky. It was beautiful in white but it was also gorgeous in light pink and purple colors due to the illumination.


Illuminated Sakura Trees in Naka-Meguro


Purplish Sakuras in Naka-Meguro


For those who missed the cherry blossom season in Tokyo this year, keep in mind of Naka-Meguro as a place to visit for yourfuture sakura viewing trips.

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