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Nakano Broadway: Collectors’ Haven

Nakano Broadway is a shopping complex that lies west of Tokyo. Curious of what the place offers, my husband and I went there on the second day after New Year. From Nishi-Kasai, we took Tozai Line going to Nakano. It was very convenient for us because we did not need to change to another line. When we reached Nakano Station, we immediately saw the entrance of the shopping complex from the station’s North Exit.


Outside Nakano Station


Going to Nakano Broadway, we first needed to go through Nakano Sunmall, a covered shopping street with different shops. It was very entertaining to see how the shop owners and staff getting excited opening their stores; calling out potential customers; and shouting about their special sales. We were there a couple of hours before lunchtime. Quite good time to explore and not yet crowded.


225-Meter-Long Nakano Sunmall Right Outside Nakano Station North Exit


Festive Roof of Nakano Sunmall


On the side are small streets with various restaurants. Most of them are izakayas (Japanese pub/eatery) which opens only at night. There were quite a number of restaurants that offers seafood dishes especially oysters. What caught my attention are the different styles of street lamps that add to the aesthetic of the place.


Restaurants and Izakayas at the Side Streets of Nakano Sunmall


Flags of Different Nations Serve as Banderitas


Nakano Broadway
Fascinating Street Lamp Designs in Nakano



Exploring Nakano Broadway

As we entered Nakano Broadway, I already noticed its uniqueness. Most of the shops sell pre-owned goods from gadgets, anime-related collectibles, and watches. There were a few clothes shops, fortune tellers, and cafes. On the third and second floors are several Mandarake stores. It is a famous store company selling manga and anime collectibles.


Hand-Painted Banderitas or Festive Flaglets


Inside Nakano Broadway


Locals Reading Mangas in front of a Bookstore


Star Wars Lego Collectible


Train Model Collectible for more than USD1500


As we explore each floor, there were boards with different art works. Most of the paintings are to welcome the Year of the Rooster.


Art Works Welcoming the Year of the Rooster


Almost half of the shops were still closed because of the yearend holiday. A reason for us to visit the place again some other time.


One thought on “Nakano Broadway: Collectors’ Haven

  1. Ah, yes I took my brother here and he found rare Yu-Gi-Oh cards that would sell for fifty or more dollars in the US. They were selling them here for $4 or $5 bucks. He was like “ghost editions. Yes, please!”

    A great place for collectors. 🙂

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